This collection brings together documents that provide the best information on overdose and overdose prevention. This is the latest in a series of 50 Best Collections commissioned or created by Harm Reduction International as part of our work to promote harm reduction on a global basis. Overdose is a risk when using many psychoactive drugs – but… Read more

Selection Process

An extensive literature search was undertaken during 2008 and 2009, and papers were located from a wide range of sources including online databases (such as PubMed ( www.pubmed.com ), internet searches, websites, and Harm Reduction International’s contacts and partners. For example, the Overdose List of Resources compiled by the Eurasian Harm… Read more

“If You Only Read One Paper…”

Overdosing on Opiates: Part 1 – Causes and Overdosing on Opiates: Part 2 – Prevention .  This two-part thematic review by David Best and colleagues in ‘Drug and Alcohol Findings’ (2001) consolidates existing knowledge on the causes and epidemiology of opiate overdoses, and on the effective methods for preventing opiate overdoses. The review… Read more


This collection was put together by Catherine Cook (Harm Reduction International’s Research Analyst) with support from Jamie Bridge and Annie Kuch . Particular thanks go to the International Reference Panel for their comments and feedback – Luciano Colonna, Jason Farrell, Sharon Stancliff and Gerry Stimson. Harm Reduction International would… Read more

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