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ID: HR19-325

Presenting author: Alexey Kurmanaevskii

Presenting author biography:

from 1999 to 2014 - worked in the harm reduction program in Russia. 2015 - graduated from the university and started working as a legal consultant in the HIV prevention program supported by the Global Fund. 2010 - a complaint against Russia in Strasbourg because of the ban on OST.

Harm reduction via Darknet, or new approaches to harm reduction in the context of a new drug scene.

Alexey Kurmanaevskii

To date, the main sale of drugs in EECA is through the use of Darknet. A daily visit to the Internet forums of Ukraine is more than 100,000 people, Russia - more than 120,000. The main risks are related to the quality of drugs and overdoses of unknown substances. We conducted videoresearch and developed an innovative approach in the provision of HIV and hepatitis c testing services, health and rights counseling, and developed a service for newdrugs overdose assistance. This approach is based on the use of technologies for contactless drug sales to provide kits with tools (syringes, tests, etc.) to drug users. This approach has received positive feedback from users. Additionally, we recorded several training videos on self-testing instructions. From users of closed forums We received a request to provide more information about harm reduction is and how it works. We shot another video film telling about the benefits of this approach for drug users and about the risks and ways to reduce them. This is an absolutely new model of prevention and its huge advantage is the use of media material. This allows you to increase the coverage and accumulate knowledge, advice and examples of case management and transfer them to others instantly. I want to make a presentation and propose an algorithm for reaching a huge number of consumers with services for HIV prevention and harm reduction from drugs. The most significant achievement was the contact with the representative of the so-called group of protesters. This is a group of people working as test subjects for testing new drugs and testing the quality of stimulants. It's scary that this post is very in demand among drug dealers and at the same time this way is the only way to check the composition of the substances being sold.