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ID: 1506

Type of submission: Workshop

Conference track: Policy

Topics: Drug Consumption Rooms/Safer Injecting Facilities

Presenting author: Eberhard Schatz

Presenting author biography:

Mr Schatz is one of the coordinators of Correlation – European Network Social Inclusion and Health, with more than 180 partners from all over Europe. He is responsible for the overall management of the network, the organisation of seminars and conferences and a large number of publications and reports.

Workshop: Drug Consumption Rooms - from theory to practice

Eberhard Schatz

Drug consumption rooms (DCRs) are an integrated part of harm reduction services in 90 facilities in 9 countries in Europe, Australia and Canada. There is emerging evidence that these services are effective in preventing harm, related to (intravenous) drug use and in reducing public nuisance in public spaces. Many organizations, service providers, community members and advocates are pushing forward to establish a DCR in their local setting but face serious barriers in doing so.
The workshop will bring together a number of experienced DCR managers and all those who have taken an interest, preferably those who are planning to advocate for or are going to open a DCR in the near future.
We will address the following issues:
- Overview of the current state of DCRs worldwide, based on the survey, INDCR launched at the end of 2016
- Overview of the different methodological and legal settings DCRs are operating in
From advocacy to practice:
- how DCRs were launched in particular countries, including topics such as strategies, stakeholders, legal, media etc.
- What is essential to take into account before opening a DCR: concept, venue, police, neighborhood, peer involvement etc.
Drug consumption room managers from Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Vancouver and Sydney will share their experiences and engage in discussion with the audience. The workshop will be organized by Correlation, host of the International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms.
Learning outcomes include latest information and exchange about the general and practical implications when it comes to the opening of a DCR.