2011 UN Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS is available

Date: 09 June 2011

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The final wording of the UN Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS has been circulated. It has been the subject of intense negotiations in New York, and at this time, instead of getting to the weaknesses of it (which we will get to soon, as will may others), the first job is to congratulate all those civil society and national delegation reps who worked tirelessly to make this document as strong as it could be in the circumstances. Given the opposition they faced from states hell bent on ruining any effective response to HIV it is amazing that the document even says AIDS, never mind harm reduction or people who inject drugs

So, for now, well done to friends, colleagues and allies.

More to come. For now:

Final unedited text (Official version still to come) See paras 26 and 59(h)

INPUD's Tatyana Afanasiadi (Ukraine) telling it like it is:


Compare and contrast.

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