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Harm Reduction International Conference 2013, June 9 - 12, Vilnius, Lithuania

Plan your road map through the IHRC 2013!

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roadmapWhy don't you take some time to browse through the online Harm Reduction 2013 programme and maybe plan your road map through the event?

One of the many highlights of the IHRC will be the conference debate, taking place on Wednesday the 12th of June at 11:30am. This debate has been set up in response to the upcoming 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session reviewing international drug control. This Special Session is a significant opportunity to promote drug policy reform that enhances the international harm reduction response. Therefore, it is critical that the broad civil society sector working on drug issues coordinate efforts and messages leading into 2016. However, key concerns could potentially undermine a coordinated engagement. This proactive and interactive debate will allow an opportunity for the debaters and the audience to critically engage with the key strategic advocacy issues that will affect the collective harm reduction community for the coming two to three years. Are harm reduction advocates and drug policy reform advocates on the same path as we approach 2016? Come to the debate to find out!

See the details of the debate and the entire conference programme available online here.

If you have not already done so please register your place at the International Harm Reduction Conference now! Spaces are limited so book online today -