Global State of Harm Reduction 2012

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Global State of Harm Reduction 2012

In 2008 Harm Reduction International released the Global State of Harm Reduction, a report that mapped responses to drug-related HIV and hepatitis C epidemics around the world for the first time. The report has since been published every two years.

The Global State of Harm Reduction 2012 presents the major developments in harm reduction policy adoption and programme implementation that have occurred since 2010, enabling some assessment of global progress. It also explores several key issues for developing an integrated harm reduction response, such as building effective harm reduction services for women who inject drugs, access to harm reduction services by young people, drug use among men who have sex with men, global progress toward drug decriminalisation and sustainability of services in challenging environments.

This report, and other global state of harm reduction resources, are designed to provide reference tools for a wide range of audiences, such as international donor organisations, multilateral and bilateral agencies, civil society and non-governmental organisations, including organisations of people who use drugs, as well as researchers and the media.

Download the full report here

Full Report

Download Cover and Introduction

Introduction, and comments from Michel Sidibe (UNAIDS), Michel Kazatchkine (Global Commission on Drug Policy) and Eliot Albers (INPUD)

Download Global Overview

Section 1: A Global Overview

Download Regional Updates

Section 2: Regional Updates

Download Regional Update: Asia

2.1 Regional Update: Asia

Download Regional Update: Eurasia

2.2 Regional Update: Eurasia

Download Regional Update: Western Europe

2.3 Regional Update: Western Europe

Download Regional Update: Caribbean

2.4 Regional Update: Caribbean

Download Regional Update: Latin America

2.5 Regional Update: Latin America

Download Regional Update: North America

2.6 Regional Update: North America

Download Regional Update: Oceania

2.7 Regional Update: Oceania

Download Regional Update: Middle East and North Africa

2.8 Regional Update: Middle East and North Africa

Download Regional Update: Sub-Saharan Africa

2.9 Regional Update: Sub-Saharan Africa

Download Chapter 3.1

3.1 Developing Effective Harm Reduction Services for Women who Inject Drugs

Download Chapter 3.2

3.2 Excluding Youth? A Global Review of Harm Reduction Services for Young People

Download Chapter 3.3

3.3 Drug Use Among Men who Have Sex with Men. Implications for Harm Reduction

Download Chapter 3.4

3.4 Drug Decriminalisation Policies in Practice: A Global Summary

Download Chapter 3.5

3.5 Harm Reduction at the Crossroads: Case Examples on Scale and Sustainability

Download Chapter 3.6

3.6 Lessons from History: Advocating for Harm Reduction in Challenging Environments

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