Submissions to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Date: 03 April 2020

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Harm Reduction International and partners made submissions to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to support its study on arbitrary detention relating to drug policies, pursuant to Human Rights Council Resolution 42/22, specifically:

- together with LBH Masyarakat and the Institute of Criminal Justice Reform, a submission on arbitrary detention related to drug policies in Indonesia.

- together with the World Coalition against the Death Penalty, a submission on detention on death row, or those imprisoned under a death sentence, for drug-related offences and its compatibility the prohibition of arbitrary detention.

- a submission on other matters of drug control including criminalisation; access to harm reduction services in custodial and pre-trial detention; torture and ill-treatment of people detained for drug offences through the imposition of corporal punishment; private drug treatment centres; and harm reduction services in detention settings in the context of migration.

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