The Impact of a Multi-Country Advocacy Grant on Progress towards 90-90-90 for people who use drugs

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This briefing compiles evidence of the impact of the multi-country grant Harm Reduction Advocacy in Asia (HRAsia), funded by the Global Fund’s Catalytic Investments between 2017- 2020. It also highlights a number of ways in which multi-country grants for harm reduction play a crucial role in augmenting the potential of country-led programming within Global Fund country grants, for example:

- HRAsia supports community-led strategic advocacy, which is poorly funded in general and rarely prioritized by Country Coordinating Mechanisms in country proposals.

- The Global Fund multi-country grant provides a trusted context for governments to engage in discussions on decriminalization and its potential to reduce vulnerability to HIV and remove service access barriers, as well as the opportunity it provides for redirecting funds towards cost-effective harm reduction services that support the health and well-being of communities.

- HRAsia’s community-led approach complements harm reduction programming in countries by directly addressing gender, human rights and stigma-related barriers to service access.

- The community systems strengthened through HRAsia are proving to be driving forces of resilience in the face of the crisis caused by COVID-19.

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