Harm Reduction International Awards

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The International Rolleston Award

This was awarded to Harm Reduction International Awards 2006 - Dr. Robert Newman, the leading advocate for the provision of methadone on a maintenance basis for over 35 years - earning him the title of “The Methadone Pope”. Dr. Newman has advised many governments on their policies for injecting drug users, notably the government of Hong Kong where methadone is now available on demand for people dependent on opiates.

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The National Rolleston Award

Harm Reduction International Awards 2006 - DUAGThis was given to the conference’s ‘Drug User Advisory Group’ (DUAG), which formed in May 2005 in order to take an active role in the conference planning process. The group consisted of Bill Nelles, Ann Livingston, Darlene Palmer, Jean Francois Morin, Rob Weppler, Rob Morgan, Dianne Tobin, Chris Livingstone, Sook Lee, Kenn Quayle, Brian MacKenzie, Rosemary Fayant, Raffi Balian, Deb Breau, Brent Taylor, Caitlin Padgett, Warren Michelow and Guilia DiGiorgio. The DUAG ensured that there was a wealth of diverse and challenging user participation at the Vancouver conference. The group were also a driving force behind the unprecedented support for drug users at the conference (such as peer support volunteers, health and safety protocols, a medical room, visa support and the awareness training given to hotel staff). Bill Nelles was presented with a prize of $CD 5,000 on behalf of the group, and this will be donated to the newly-formed ‘Canadian Coalition for People Who Use Drugs’, an organisation which has emerged from the conference’s ‘DUAG’ and aims to provide a voice for Canadian people who use drugs.

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The Travis Jenkins Award

This was given to Harm Reduction International Awards 2006 - Jason Farrell - the Chief Executive of Harm Reduction Consulting Services Inc, and the founder and former Executive Director of the Positive Health Project (PHP). For the last 15 years, Jason Farrell has been a leading expert in the design and implementation of outreach strategies for the most difficult to reach populations. As well as providing technical assistance for international HIV programmes, Jason Farrell is a trainer, consultant, advocate and researcher on a wide range of harm reduction topics and a certified HIV counsellor and outreach specialist.

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