Consultants to conduct landscape analysis and community and civil society consultations on domestic public financing for harm reduction

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Terms of reference for consultants to conduct landscape analysis and community and civil society consultations on domestic public financing for harm reduction in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Indonesia and Nepal

The project

Since Harm Reduction International (HRI) commenced monitoring funding for harm reduction over 15 years ago, the findings have been consistently dire. Available funding continues to be so far from meeting estimated need that the funding ‘gap’ is more accurately described as a failure to fund. Research undertaken by HRI revealed that in 2019, US$131 million was allocated for harm reduction in low- and middle-income countries – just 5% of the US$2.7 billion annual investment UNAIDS estimates is required for an effective response to HIV among people who use drugs by 2025.

Domestic investment in harm reduction remains disproportionately low compared with other areas of the HIV response. Where it does exist, there are often challenges in ensuring community and civil society organisations can be contracted to deliver services and in ensuring services are people-centred, human rights-based and of high quality. There is an urgent need to mobilise domestic investment in people-centred, human rights-based harm reduction programming, particularly but not limited to those countries where international donor funding is being reduced.

To support community and civil society organisations in advocacy for increased domestic investment HRI has developed tools to assessment harm reduction investment and drug law enforcement expenditure, and has produced a budget advocacy guide for harm reduction. Building on this work, we are supporting community and civil society capacity in six countries on evidence-driven advocacy for domestic budget allocations for harm reduction. This will advance advocacy at international, regional and national levels.

The task

The consultant will conduct a landscape analysis and community and civil society consultation to understand the opportunities, pressures and limitations in national and subnational funding for harm reduction.

The consultant will use guidance developed by HRI for the assignment, including an outline for the landscape analysis and a tool for the community and civil society consultation.

The landscape analysis will use existing literature to cover:

- Current levels and sources of harm reduction funding in the country, including recent funding fluctuations/changes

- Opportunities for harm reduction funding within broader domestic health financing environment, including domestic investment in the HIV response, potential for inclusion of harm reduction within by health insurance schemes or essential packages within universal health coverage

- Brief overview on drug policy spending and potential for redirection advocacy to have resonance1

- Supportive legislation/policy in place for contracting community and civil society organisations

- Community and civil society engagement in national or sub-national programme planning, budgeting or target setting fora, including those relating to international donor funding within the country, e.g. Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism

- Existing analyses on costing resource gap, resource needs or allocative technical efficiency analyses to enhance impact, including in areas such as structural barriers, community-led responses or programs targeting people who use drugs, and/or key populations

- Existing analyses on prioritization, efficiency improvement in national or sub-national program planning or resource allocation, and domestic budget advocacy for harm reduction

- Community and civil society active engagement in monitoring harm reduction funding

To supplement the landscape analysis, the consultation with community and civil society partners will capture insights and reflections on the national and subnational situation in terms of domestic funding. It should be used to verify and supplement research gathered within the landscape analysis, with a particularly focus on:

- Accessibility of domestic funds for harm reduction for community and civil society organisations

- Gaps and challenges for accessing domestic funding, particularly for civil society, community-based and community-led harm reduction service provision

- Where domestic funding is in place, the positive and negative practical experiences of community and civil society organisations receiving these funds for harm reduction

- Community and civil society perspectives on priority actions to overcome these challenges, including identifying information and capacity gaps for budget advocacy

- Community and civil society perspectives son upcoming opportunities for harm reduction budget advocacy

The consultant will need to identify the relevant stakeholders, community and civil society organisations for the consultation and share the list with HRI prior to the data collection.


The consultant will be required to:

- familiarise themselves with the guidance provided by HRI on the landscape analysis and tool for community and civil society consultation (max 0.5 days)

- submit landscape analysis findings, along with bibliography of key documents used to inform the analysis and a list of key community and civil society organisations/contacts that will be consulted using the tool (max 3 days)

- carry out consultation and submit report combining landscape analysis and consultation findings in format provided by HRI (max 5 days)

- provide 2-page overview of the key challenges and barriers for domestic public financing of harm reduction in the country, including suggested advocacy priorities (max 0.5 day)

Timeline and terms

The consultancy is expected to take around 7-9 days and must be completed by early September 2022. The available fee is US$2,250.

Application details

Please send cover letter and CV to with a subject line of ‘[NAME] - Application Consultant Domestic Financing’ before midnight on 8th August 2022

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