Day 2 - Beyond 2008 NGO Forum on Drugs: NGOs call upon CND to abandon 'The Spirit of Vienna'

Date: 08 July 2008

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003.JPGDuring Day 2 of the 'Beyond 2008 NGO Forum', delegates agreed unanimously that the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs should abandon the so-called 'Spirit of Vienna', CND's self-imposed consensus decision-making process, and instead vote on contentious issues.

Democratic majority voting, which is mandated under ECOSOC rules where consensus is not possible, would end the current status quo where a small handful of Member States are allowed to block CND resolutions (in practice often used to prevent mentions of harm reduction and human rights).

In the draft Beyond 2008 resolution debated today, NGOs included a call to CND that they utilise the option to call a vote when Member States are not in full agreement on a resolution. This was proposed by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

Whether CND will appreciate the spirit emanating from Vienna this week remains to be seen.

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