Evidence for advocacy

Our vision is a world where individuals and their families benefit from drugs laws, policies and practices that promote health, dignity and human rights.

To help achieve that vision, one which is all too distant in many countries, we produce ground-breaking research and policy analysis to inform evidence-based advocacy across our sector.

  • We monitor major national and international developments in harm reduction policy, programming and funding
  • We document developments in civil society activism
  • We track and publicise national and multilateral political commitments to hold our governments accountable for their promises
  • We identify gaps in harm reduction responses

Global State of Harm Reduction Report

Our flagship publication is the biennial Global State of Harm Reduction report. First published in 2008, it involves a coordinated effort across practitioners, academics, advocates and activists to map global data and responses to HIV and hepatitis C epidemics related to unsafe injecting and non-injecting drug use. It is the only report to provide an independent analysis of the state of harm reduction in the world. The information collated within the report is stored and regularly updated on an interactive e-tool for researchers and advocates.

The Global State of Harm Reduction report is supplemented by regular thematic reports on key issues of concern.

These reports have become go-to sources of information for our sector and beyond.

Harm Reduction Advisories

Harm Reduction International issues regular ‘Harm Reduction Advisories’ to help our sector stay abreast of developments and ahead of emerging challenges. These are short information notes, focusing on emerging issues in policy, practice and research relating to specific themes, interventions or substances.

For further resources from HRI, our partners and from academic sources, please search our Resource Library

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