Executive Programme Committee

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Executive Programme Committee Members

Aram Barra – México Unido Contra la Delinquencia

Roxanne Beauchemin – CACTUS Montréal

Adam Bourne – Sigma Research

Jamie Bridge – International Drug Policy Consortium

Judy Chang – International Network of People who Use Drugs

Cyndee Clay – HIPS

Richard Cloutier – Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux (Québec)

Anna Dovbakh – Eurasian Harm Reduction Network

Richard Elliott – Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Mauro Guarinieri – Global Fund

Patricia Haddad – Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association

Fabienne Hariga – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Magdalena Harris – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Viv Hope – Public Health England

Julian Hows – GNP+

John-Peter Kools – Chair, Harm Reduction International

Jay Levy – International Network of People who Use Drugs

Niklas Luhrman – Médecins du Monde

Murtaza Majeed – YouthRISE

Lisa Massicotte – Association des Intervenants en Dépendance du Québec (AIDQ)

Susie McLean – HRI Board

Pat O'Hare – HIT

Benjamin Phillips – Harm Reduction Coalition

Tim Rhodes – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Vali Simantov – International Network of People who Use Drugs

Tripti Tandon – Lawyers Collective India

Khalid Tinasti – Global Commission on Drug Policy

Ninan Varughese – UNAIDS

Annette Verster – WHO

Serge Votyagov – Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund

Bangyuan Wang – International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Dan Werb – International Centre for Science in Drug Policy

Daniel Wolfe – Open Society Foundations

Representative of UNAIDS

The Executive Programme Committee also includes representation from the Harm Reduction International staff team.

HR17 Montréal
25th Harm Reduction International Conference
Montréal, Canada | 14 - 17 May 2017
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