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Harm Reduction International Launches 2021 Annual Report PDF document

06 April 2022

2021 marked our 25th year as an organisation. We have grown from a small group in Liverpool showing international visitors a bold harm reduction approach, to a global leader in analysis, advocacy and convening the sector. There have been great strides in the recognition of the role of health and human rights in the response to drugs. We are proud… Read more

Singapore Executes Man for Drugs, Marking a Resumption of Executions After Two Year Pause PDF document

30 March 2022

Abdul Kahar bin Othman was executed in Singapore early morning today. Mr Kahar Othman was sentenced to death for a drug offence in 2015. This marks the first execution in Singapore after two-year pause. Read more

UN Working Group on Arbirtrary Detention - Guides PDF document

17 March 2022

The Working Group has the mandate to investigate cases of deprivation of liberty imposed arbitrarily or inconsistently with the international standards set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or the international legal instruments accepted by the States concerned. Read more

HRI, Community and Civil Society seek OHCHR engagement in Pandemic Treaty process PDF document

09 March 2022

COVID-19 impacted upon vulnerable, marginalised and criminalised groups the hardest, emphasising the importance of prioritising work to end equalities. Notwithstanding the clear lessons from COVID-19, community and civil society are deeply concerned that the Pandemic Treaty process will fail to ensure meaningful community and civil society… Read more

HRI and INPUD advocate for people who use drugs to be centred in the Global Fund Strategy PDF document

28 October 2021

HRI and INPUD advocate for people who use drugs to be centred, as the Global Fund finalises its Strategy 2023-2028. Read more

Harm Reduction International is thrilled to be holding our HR23 conference in Melbourne

30 September 2021

Harm Reduction International is thrilled to be holding HR23 in Melbourne, Australia, at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre on 16-19 April 2023. We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we will meet, and pay respects to the five tribes of the Kulin Nation. We pay respects to the Elders of the… Read more

Constellations Festival Announced PDF document

10 August 2021

For 31 years, we have brought you the Harm Reduction International Conference – the main global forum for the exchange of information at the intersection of human rights, public health and drug… Read more

Leaders Convening PDF document

17 May 2021

HRI convened leaders of the major harm reduction funders to catalyse interest and engagement on funding for harm reduction, strengthening shared ambition within the global funding community. This… Read more

Call for Proposals COVID-19, Health, and Human Rights: Responding to securitised approaches in Malaysia and Sri Lanka Word document (DOCX)PDF document

14 May 2021

Harm Reduction International is launching a call for proposals to support advocacy, campaign, and/or communications initiatives by NGOs, civil society groups, activists, artists, or community networks in two countries: Malaysia and Sri Lanka; aimed at raising awareness on the human rights and public health fallacies of the COVID-19 response and… Read more

Harm Reduction International launches 2020 Annual Report PDF document

31 March 2021

In 2020, Harm Reduction International found new ways to work together to advocate for the health, rights and dignity of people who use drugs, while ensuring that we used our expertise in tracking… Read more

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