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Malaysian Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health, Malaysia proudly supporting as the leading ministry for IHRC 2015

In an effort to prevent the spread of HIV infection among People who Inject Drugs (PWIDs), the Ministry of Health has embarked on ambitious Harm Reduction Programmes with two key initiatives, Needle Syringe Exchange Programmes (NSEP) and Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT).

These successful harm reduction programmes have been effectively rolled out by mobilizing local government authorities, local health services, peer outreach workers, and other community-based collaborators from relevant sectors.  The PWIDs are educated on HIV and prevention in complex and nuanced ways. The PWIDs are encouraged to test for HIV as well as receive counselling should they wish too (HTC). This is an important first step towards HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. Through HTC, more PWIDs are empowered and encouraged to adopt measures which  prevent the acquisition or transmission of HIV.

The Ministry of Health has adopted a keen and active role in this years’ conference by way of leading other government agencies, advising and supporting on ARV, methadone/buprenorphine being brought into Malaysia, supporting the programme content by attending an international meeting in London, organising site visits for delegates during the conference, convening strategic local organising meetings as well as advocating the importance the event in October this year.

Find them at the conference proudly sharing a dedicated stand with Harm Reduction International and Malaysian AIDS Council, situated directly at the very centre of the conference on all four days.