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Harm Reduction International Conference 2013, June 9 - 12, Vilnius, Lithuania

Poster Presentations

This year we are expecting approximately 200 posters set out over two sessions.
Session 1 will run from Sunday lunchtime (conference beginning) to the end of Monday, and session two from Tuesday morning to Wednesday lunchtime (conference end).

In terms of dimensions and practicalities, poster boards are approximately 2.5m (height) x 1m (width) and how you use this space is up to you. You are welcome, for example, to provide further information in the form of leaflets of briefings at your poster board during your relevant session. Posters themselves should be eye-catching in order to attract the many delegates who will be browsing the poster area.

Poster boards are not cloth covered. Posters may be fixed/attached to poster boards with blue tack or double sided tape only. No pins or hooks. The conference organisers will have a supply of tack and tape on-site to assist presenters.

If you have any questions or need assistance with registration, please contact us at