Spending where it matters

Harm reduction is about keeping people who use drugs, their families and communities safe and healthy. It is about saving lives and it works. But it is grossly underfunded.

At the same time tens of billions of dollars are spent on drug enforcement.  By governments’ own standards this money has not achieved its aims and regularly impedes efforts to improve health and save lives.

Harm Reduction International works for a reinvestment in health. Working with our international partners we are calling for the scale up of harm reduction funding proportionate to just one tenth of that spent on enforcement by 2020 – ‘10 x 20’

  • 10 cents for every dollar spent on enforcement would cover annual HIV and hepatitis C prevention need for people who inject drugs. Globally. Twice over.
  • It would pay for enough naloxone to save thousands upon thousands of lives every year from opiate overdose.
  • It would ensure that we can respond to new challenges with effective advice, healthcare and emergency responses.

HRI monitors global spending on HIV and hepatitis C-related harm reduction

We are undertaking research on national drug enforcement spending from around the world.

We advocate for human rights compliance in drug enforcement aid.

We don’t need more money. We need better spending where it matters.

For further resources from HRI, our partners and from academic sources, please search our Resource Library.

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