Naomi Burke-Shyne - Executive Director

Naomi is the Executive Director of Harm Reduction International. She brings more than 15 years of international experience at the intersection of law, harm reduction, HIV and human rights. From… Read more

Colleen Daniels - Deputy Director

Colleen is the Deputy Director and Public Health Lead at Harm Reduction International. She has 23 years’ experience as a Director, Project Manager, and Technical Advisor in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis,… Read more

Ajeng Larasati - Human Rights Lead

Ajeng Larasati is the Human Rights Lead at Harm Reduction International. Ajeng is a human rights and public health specialist with twelve years of experience in programme management, organisational… Read more

Anne Taiwo - Finance Manager

Anne Taiwo is the Finance Manager at Harm Reduction International (HRI). Anne is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (FCCA), bringing in over twenty years of… Read more

Cinzia Brentari - Senior Advisor/Programme Manager

Cinzia Brentari is a Senior Advisor/Programme Manager at Harm Reduction International, providing technical guidance and support to the Human Rights and Justice team, and Public Health and Social… Read more

Catherine Cook - Sustainable Financing Lead

Catherine Cook is a researcher, policy analyst and advocate who leads the Sustainable Financing team. Since joining Harm Reduction International (HRI), Catherine has developed a portfolio of ground… Read more

Giada Girelli - Human Rights Analyst

Giada is a Human Rights Analyst at Harm Reduction International. She monitors trends on violations of fundamental rights committed in the name of drug control and coordinates advocacy with partners… Read more

Maddie O'Hare - Conference Manager

Maddie is Harm Reduction International’s Conference Manager and is based in our Liverpool office. She is responsible for the organisation of Harm Reduction International’s flagship biennial… Read more

Lucy O'Hare - Conference Manager

Lucy joined Harm Reduction International in April 2016. Along with Maddie, she is responsible for organising Harm Reduction International’s conference. Lucy also works at HIT, a UK-based harm… Read more

Suchitra Rajagopalan - Communications Officer

Suchitra Rajagopalan is the Communications Officer at Harm Reduction International (HRI). At HRI, Suchitra works to develop and implement the strategic communications plan for the organisation,… Read more

Genevieve Sander - Human Rights Analyst

Gen Sander is a Human Rights Analyst at Harm Reduction International and monitors trends on violations of fundamental rights committed in the name of drug control, with a focus on prisons and the… Read more

Sam Shirley-Beavan - Consultant

Sam is a consultant for the Public Health and Social Policy team, which conducts original research and analysis into harm reduction trends around the world. Before joining Harm Reduction… Read more

Olga Szubert - Senior Policy Analyst

Olga Szubert is the Senior Policy Analyst in the Sustainable Financing team. She leads the 10 by 20 campaign , which calls for the redirection of funds from ineffective drug law enforcement to harm… Read more

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