Tobacco Harm Reduction


Approaches that aim to reduce the harm for those who continue to use tobacco / nicotine have received little attention to date. This set of documents is intended for people who are interested in how harm reduction can be applied to tobacco use. These documents may be used to improve advocacy for tobacco harm reduction, carry out research or… Read more

Selection Process

Papers were preferred if they were recent, brief, readable, accredited by an international or national organisation, published as a paper in a high impact factor journal, and/or scientifically rigorous. During the search process, preference was also given to documents that were of practical use to advocates, policy makers, programme managers and… Read more

“If You Only Read One Paper…”

Kozlowski LT, O’Connor RJ & Edwards BQ (2003) Some practical points on harm reduction: What to tell your lawmaker and what to tell your brother about Swedish snus. Tobacco Control, 12, 372-373 . This paper reviews the evidence and expert opinion on tobacco harm reduction strategies such as smokeless tobacco. It advises on how to advocate… Read more


This collection was the result of funding from the Open Society Institute (OSI) , and was put together on behalf of Harm Reduction International by Ann McNeill (Professor in Health Policy and Promotion at the University of Nottingham). Ann was supported in this work by Gerry Stimson (Harm Reduction International Executive Director), Jamie Bridge… Read more

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