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Wellbeing at the conference

Medical and Healthcare facilities

For the past 25 years, the International Harm Reduction Conferences have been dedicated to promoting comprehensive and responsive health services and policies around the world.  In this spirit, Harm Reduction International is committed to ensuring the event provides and facilitates appropriate care for all delegates who may have special medical and healthcare needs - especially delegates who use / have used drugs, or are living with HIV, viral hepatitis or TB. In order to do this, a Medical Committee is appointed each year consisting of local and international healthcare professionals and representatives of organisations of people who use drugs.

Information for All Delegates

  • All conference delegates should arrange their own health and travel insurance in advance of their trip to Malaysia and should ensure that they carry such with them whilst at the conference.
  • All conference delegates who are undergoing any kind of medical treatment should bring their own medication in sufficient quantities to cover their treatment for the duration that they are in Malaysia. This must include a letter from your physician (written in English) or prescription in your name, in the event you are asked to verify your authorization for these medications upon arrival at the airport.
  • All conference delegates undergoing any kind of medical treatment should bring a medical record from their doctor (written in English) specifying their condition and the treatment they are receiving. This will make things easier in the event of unexpected circumstances, such as medication being mislaid or the need for urgent medical care.
  • An information leaflet for delegates (detailing all local services) will be made available nearer the time.

Services Available

  • OST where this has been pre-arranged and only for those who are unable to export substitute medication due to the laws of their country (see below). 
  • Harm reduction services including a Needle Syringe Programme (NSP), OD Training and the provision of Naloxone.
  • Primary healthcare assessment in relation to acute problems and basic medical treatment / first aid.
  • Referral on to specialist services as required.

OST – Availability, Import and Export

Whilst OST can be arranged this will only be prescribed where the individual is unable to export their medication. This must be arranged well in advance of the conference and you should contact the Medical and Healthcare Services Coordinator, Gill Bradbury, as soon as possible, if you are likely to require drug treatment in Malaysia.  This treatment may be subject to a small fee. The full details of such costs and any funding arrangements can be clarified with HRI.

Delegates travelling to the conference from abroad are permitted to carry a personal supply of methadone or buprenorphine with them, as per the guidance below.

When carrying medication abroad:

  • You are advised to carry your medication in your hand luggage in non-breakable containers.
  • Please ensure you have a signed copy of your prescription and a doctor’s letter outlining your need for treatment – (we can provide a letter template for your doctor / clinic if required).
  • Please keep your medication in its original packaging with labels left intact.

Guidance from the Malaysian Embassy, UK on carrying personal prescriptions

Malaysia accepts all medications prescribed for their patients by local doctors. If the medication is unusual, or requires use of scheduled drugs such as morphine tablets or the use of syringes, or is for the treatment of HIV infection, or drug dependency, then a letter from the prescribing doctor should be sought and carried with the medications being imported.

All medications must be carried in the bottles or packets in which they were dispensed with the name of the patient on the label and must carry a description of the contents.

One month’s supply of personal medications can be brought into Malaysia for the exclusive use of that person. If the visitor is travelling beyond Malaysia to other countries then medication sufficient for the entire journey may be brought into the country.

Non-prescribed items bought over the counter from a pharmacy or chemist must also be carried in the bottles or packets in which they were sold that carry a description of the product. No more than one month’s supply of an item may be brought into Malaysia for the personal use of the visitor.

Never carry loose tablets into the country.

Health food supplements, organic medicines and vitamins may be brought into Malaysia for the personal use of the visitor but must be labelled and identified.


For further information regarding the HRI Conference 2015 Medical and Healthcare facilities, please email (in confidence). Please refer back to this page for any updates and new information.